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#140015 - Why do so many guys go out with their friends, hoping to pull a complete stranger? Don’t they realise how it puts people like me off approaching them? I mean, if I’m not overflowing with confidence, I’m not going to risk multiple humiliation by being given the brush-off in front of 2 or 3 of his mates, am I! Maybe the friends are a defence they can hide behind when they want to, only to emerge on ‘the hunt’ when they see a suitable prey? Whatever, eventually this young guy comes into the bar – on his own – and aside from his short ginger hair, which is not my usual turn-on, he is what I would call ‘my type’; mid-twenties, not too tall, lightly built, clean-shaven, smart dresser, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and snuggly fitting jeans, providing a none-too-discreet hint of a bulge, set slightly to his left. Glad of the opportunity of resting my aching jaw, I now lifted up his legs and his bottom, moving forward to support his back as I now sank my face under his balls and int

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Maid chou
So hot wish i have your boobs
Hikari horaki
I like when it he suck the clit
Shirou ryuujouji
Incredibly hot gal
Mai teireida
Nice little booty