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#312207 - When Jessica entered her house she saw her mom and dad were not home, she knew this would be the best time for her to work on her secret activity. JASON THIS ISENT FUN ANYMORE THAT HURT'S!! Jessica yelled, I know sister, remember I told you I would tell you how to prevent getting pregnant? he asked, Well you wont have to worry about that now, because in 5 minutes your going to be cooking on that fire pit over there he said with a laugh as he forced the spit to move again up passed her heart and it came out of her mouth, Wow it worked! Jason said looking into the tear soaked eye's of his now fully spitted 13 year old sister, The guy I ordered this spit from said you should still be able to breath though it's hollow center, keeping you alive while I roast you Jason said as he inserted a smaller spit into her anus and then tied her ankles tight to the spit. Staring to feel good Jessica slowly backed up until she felt the mattress of her bed behind her legs

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Kaoru kamiya
Victoria sweet
Nekomata okayu
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Hotaru futaba
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