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#219522 - He then says I can open a portal to any of these dark dimensions and enter it, then opening another portal I can appear any where on Earth I choose so no prisons can hold me, this dark energy will increase my physical abilities well beyond that of a normal Human but most important of all is the demons will give me the powers of regeneration, Immortality and resurrection . Rikimarue says Hello Merik how are you? , Ayame is suprised to see a Human male, she was sure the horse demon or some other demon would come through the portal. Merik uses his dark energy to disolve the locks and chains holding the two big pieces of wood together, then he disolves the two pieces of wood, the two metal pillars supporting the wood and the stool and Ayame collapses on the ground.

Read Cocksucker Rinri Houkai - Fate grand order Chupa Rinri Houkai

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