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#303824 - Amy tried to get a word out just as Katy’s mouth came crashing down on hers hard as she pushed her down on the bed, her hands started tearing Amy’s clothes off starting with her top and then ripping her bra off taking one of her breasts in her hands squeezing her hard nipple and rolling it between her finger tips. She suddenly remembered as she was about a mile from her house that she better call her best friend Katy and let her know of her plans so that there will be no interruptions during her perfect evening. She kissed her long and hard gliding her tongue in and out of her mouth while gently biting her lower lip.

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Heshikiri hasebe
I love how their ass start to wink when they cum imagine the pressure that would exert around you dick it will be amazing
Kinu himuro
Si trasgressivo
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Good milf