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#355590 - THATS it FUCK ME!!! and soon after that she started cumming i kissed her and shoved deep into her and started cumming in her -15 minutes later- roy never leave me againshe said i wont i said smiling and kissed her. she kissed me and nodded so i just spread her legs and licked all the way down to her clit and she started to moan and started sayingOH GOD ROY I WAITED SO LONG FOR YOU TO COME BACK I WANT YOU TO BE MY FIRST TAKE ME!as i liked her pussy and her clit she grabbed my hair and saidstop teasing me and stick your dick in me but be gentlei nodded and slowly inched my dick in her pussy and hit her hymen i looked at her and she gulped and nodded putting a pencil in her mouth to stop the scream i pulled out until the head was left in and shoved back in at full force leave my dick there to let her adjust she was crying and breathing hard and after 5 minutes she nodded letting me know to move i started thrusting in and out slowly and she moaned and saiddon't hold back

Read Doctor Cupid ni Rakurai | 落雷击中丘比特 Ch. 1-6+番外1 Transvestite Cupid ni Rakurai | 落雷击中丘比特 Ch. 1-6+番外1

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The hentai is really very hot i want the same
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Fucking hot