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#303470 - Then Lou said coffee please, I said excuse me again, and leaned over her again to get the coffee, Gretchen's eyes seemed to pop out of her head each time, Lou was smiling, then I saw why, Lyn had her hand on his cock under the table, just out of sight from Gretchen, Lyn then said, be careful of Gretchen will bite your dick off if you keep doing that. This put me in front of Lou of course, I indicated to him to slide a finger into Lyn's ass, I sucked on one of my fingers and moved it close, Lou did the same, as his finger went in I saw his face light up, I know Lyn's cunt tightens up like that, Lou gave me a huge smile and eased more fingers into her ass, then I told him to spit on his cock and slide that in her ass, he gave me a weird smile and I repeated it, he then spat on his dick and moved it up.

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