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#258820 - After what seemed like an enjoyable and long trip I was on my way home after a big 6 hour train ride followed by a 8 hour sleep followed by dragging around my house all day it came to about 7pm at night and I was on my way up to meet Amy at the very same spot were we first had sex. I made my way up to our special park through the bushland and towards the toilet block where it all began I made sure Amy would dress slutty before seeing me like i always requested Amy looked a little shy when I came up to her she was sitting on the bench not making eye contact and breathing very heavy i cant really blame her we both know what we were going to do and it was a first time for the both of us. As soon as we were in the toilets Amy had me pinned to the wall passionately making out with me while ripping each others clothes of like a band aid I pushed her to the toilet dipping my tounge inside her pussy while rolling a condom over my cock I parted her pussy lips with my cock and pushed her lyi

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