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#392956 - My body ached for a man with a thick bulging cock, this went on all summer I was exhausted playing with myself (happy days) I went home for the summer I really missed Harold,/smokes,/and my private little pleasures, but I new the holidays would be over soon and I would get back to school. The school environment was quite harsh up at 6am every morning an hours prayers before breakfast, as I wasn't part of the gang I could slip away after lessons most days, Harold would let me stay in his hut chatting with him and his gun dog Spike, Harold often gave me small little treats and shared a cigarette with me I was always so great full for his friendship. While I waited for Spike to rest and get ready for our next fuck I started to pull my nipples, just thinking of Spike up my ass got me all horny I tried to slip a finger into my ass but I was to dry I needed something to lubricate my finger I got up and went to the fridge I took out some butter and warmed it by the fire and rubbed it

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Mami tomoe
Sweet ass
Croix bartel
Hummm i love to turn you on