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#66761 - So I blew it off no more mentioned private detective got alot of good pics video`s then he said your fiance was gorgeous ? I was like fuck you and do your job so he wrote down all the plates and orgies she was in and all the swinger`s . So i said your done don`t come back and he had the balls to say to his ex wife lets go home Namoi ?? She said fuck no ! I can handle doing dope not fucking me and you fucked that whore over there past out cum running out of her holes . the lady is freaking out rubbing her breast starts to undress and then says your last video is the best seller they ever had and she has more video`s to make thats why shes there to sign her and roman up to 5 video`s over two years ? So I ask why Roman I thought I was her soon to be husband and sandy is stuttering and trying to come up with more lies so i was playing along .

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Mandy flores is absolutely stunning so beautiful everything about her is so perfect
Reinforce zwei
This is beautifully done you are both so sexy