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#385238 - I could here Hailey was up and going from her room to the bathroom, then down stairs, she came back up a few minutes later and knocked on my door, she asked if I would like a drink, before she went to work, “Please” “OK I’ll be about ten minutes” “Thanks sis” she came up and handed me the cup, she smiled and asked “What’s up, not wanking this morning” this was the first time she had mentioned it after that day, what she said next was a total shock, “That’s a pity because If you had been wanking, I might have stayed home and helped you out, but it looks like I’ll have to go to work” was I hearing what she was saying, she didn’t leave, she just looked at the TV, I decided to see what she would do, so I pushed the sheets off me, I was already naked, I started stroking my cock and she turned to leave, “Well now what do we have here”? she pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket, pressed a few buttons, “Hello Christine, I can’t come in today, my little brother isn’t feeling to good and mom

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I fuckin love her
Good job