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#357468 - Then Darick ran into the alley and pissed around a bush. We use to hang out at the Fast Food Burger Joint by were we all lived. I then asked him does it fell good? He said Why did you stop for? Put it back in your mouth So I did, then he said move your hand And I moved my hand way from the base of his cock Fuck Yea! go deep again Now he place both his hand back on my head and fucking the shit out of my mouth Ohh Yea! Fuck Yea! go deeper, Faster, Oh my god! Fuck Yea all the way deep!' I was taking it all the way in and loving it all the way but I didnt know what was going to happen next Ohh fuck go all the way deep put it all it you mouth! Deep throat that that dick! Ohh come on So I did and as I put it all the way in he pulled my head all the way down and held it there and buried hid dick down my throat shotting his hot.

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