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#18488 - Hmm I want to caress a boob let me reach up and touch it on the side run my fingers from the side over to the middle your hand down to my pants Undoing my belt my cock already tenting you slide a leg over min, exposing yourself And then flip over front of me so u can slide my pants down My cock springs free and you reach down and take hold of it your hand gliding up and down My hand reaches up and touches your breast which is hanging down freely, squeezing your nipples and tugging on them until it is perky then reaching over and doing the other one You respond by lowering your head licking up my shaft, pausing to circle the head of my now quite hard penis You will be wasting little time today And put the whole thing in your mouth, getting it well lubed with your saliva as you come off it and start scooting your way up my legs Hovering over my penis, you take your hand and guide towards your already wet pussy and start to lower your self on to it It’s tight, but gives

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Asahi azumane
She needs to wear a butt plug to loosen her hole before at least for 15 20 mins so it hurts less and feels good when you fuck her ass
Mamoru chiba
I would still fuck her
Yashiro nanakase
Good girl suck that cock let him know how much you want it
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