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#92891 - Just as I role back over I realise I am afflicted with the sign of a man 1st thing in the morning, the timeless duvet tent! “Hmmmm, I tell myself, I don’t remember having a dream about shagging anyone, though this probably has something to do with the hot night of sex I had last night with her!” the next thing I realise is I am actually stroking myself while daydreaming about last night. My hands release your breasts and I push your shoulders down so your face is pushed against the blanket, this allows me to go deeper still into you and it has an instant effect as your moans turn into screams of pleasure, you scream my name as you feel me stretching your sensitive insides as my swollen penis continues it’s assault in the search of the release I have longed for since I woke up. Your knees start to buckle as you lean against the tree to keep yourself upright as you feel your impending building up deep with in you, trying to force its self out of you, my finger is joined by anoth

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