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#213880 - I was raped by my boyfriend, so I moved here, and then I saw you and I wanted to be with you but was scared as well and then she collapsed on me crying, I rubbed her back and soothed her until she sat back up you don't hate me do you? I laughed no I am just really turned back on by you and she gave me a small smile, I looked into her eyes and wanted her so badly I know why you would be scared by us. Sarah was slut and that was just the kind of girls I aimed for, girls you could fuck and fuck until you were bored fucking them and the dump them without feeling bad, and then a week later I'd find a new one. guys, but we aren't all rapists Molls she crumpled and but repeated I knows over and over again, we lay together for a long time, hours maybe until I heard her softly snoring did I get up and stumble down stairs for something to eat, I found peanut butter and bread and ate mounds of that until I heard her light foot steps come down the stairs, she looked a lo

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Bambietta basterbine
This is my ultimate fantasy thank you for making this it truly made me strain my cage
Good god how in the fuck could she be so oblivious to whats happening right in front of her
Yotsuha miyamizu
I think she is thai