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#55893 - “Even going to do some internet sales with the best ones, ship them abroad , a lot of people out there would love to own a white all American bit of ass. She knew she didn't want to be in this part of town but what choice did she have, she knew the weather was getting even worse and she had doubts about how long Leroy could even keep the car on the road for, if she now insisted that he take her somewhere else he would probably refuse, after all she couldn't ask him to risk his own safety for her, and he was being kind in offering to put her up, if only she hadn't seen him admiring her legs when he's turned round to talk to her! Eventually they pulled up in front of a shop and for a second she was confused, surely he wasn't going to go and buy something but then he twisted round and said, “Okay home sweet home is above this shop, open the door and run for the entrance there and I'll be two seconds behind you. She was aware that every eye in the

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