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#346945 - It was getting on towards five in the afternoon when his private phone rang. It's good to see you again Bobby, Ingersoll gushed, let me see you, it's been too long!!! Whenever the senator said let me see you, it meant that he wanted Bobby to strip and show him his young athletic body! Sure thing senator, Bobby replied softly, and then slowly began to methodically remove every stitch of his clothing. He knew from past experience that Ingersoll Coolidge liked it a little on the rough side, so with one mighty plunge, he rammed his meat balls deep into the straining ass of his victim!!! Ingersoll buried his mouth into his arm and let out a loud and long scream that would have wakened the dead if not for his muffling of it, while Bobby slammed in and out of the tight little asshole, actually trying to tear the older man a new one! Bobby took his money, but he hated the old bastard for using gay men as his personal whipping boys, but then in private being the biggest

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