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#385941 - The first time was when we lived in southern California, this girl friend of hers, husband and I worked together back then, and we had a number of explicit conversation about our women at the local topless bar, a place called the Cherry Pit A Go Go. I had shown him several Polaroid pictures of my wife naked and bound an had talked in some detail about what I had done to her! Enough that I felt comfortable in telling him that his wife had hit on me! Now you have to remember that back in those days we were both young and horny as hell ! I was taking my girl out parking pretty much on a regular basis naked bound and blindfolded into the woods, plus I was a kinky and devious guy always experimenting and looking for interesting sexual situations! So I suggested to him that I do the same with his wife! Her name was Joyce I told her to meet me on one of the back roads near a place I took my girl wearing as little as possible! Her husband was suppose to be at work, as where we worke

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