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#252204 - Sharing this has been therapeutic, even, and I freely admit that Dad's passing is the primary reason that I chose to write this story as a whole and post it to the masses. I covered Cooper's ears with my hands and took a step back in disbelief as Merissa elaborated, Madi and I were officially relegated to SECOND-CLASS citizens in this relationship and marriage today! SOMEONE tell me, either of you, WHY THE FUCK I couldn't go and be with my husband during his father's funeral? His own daughter couldn't go? We couldn't have all those nosy people from Jeremy's family looking at you and Madi, making assumptions, coming up with new rumors! Alexa reminded her, frantic. The day would end on a good note.

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Kanetsugu naoe
Ass fat tho
Maya kumashiro
It was delicious i tried a different end happy you liked it