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#144169 - . , he told me Don't you feel that's such a stupid sentence, I love you, and don't wanna own you, then I told him about to cry from the passion how can I make you feel me, well, my dick's ready for a bigger action if you want me to shove it in your ass, I told him and you think I don't want to, he told me so baby, don't you wanna come home with me, and my heart was feeling divided between his face and his hot sharp voice, as I accepted and said YEA, sure. When we finished, we made it straight to the bed and he ware white comfortable pants and shirt, as I ware a blue smooth pijama and a t-shirt, he laid his head on my chest and his arms surrounded my neck relaxing his body and touching his dick to my side and putting his legs around mine, and I sticked my finger to his left nipple and began to massage it feeling his heart beating harder and watching his eyes closing and going deeper in sleep.

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Can anyone tell me which camera they used