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#68597 - Lord Richard knew she would be pregnant by his sperm, he determined to set her an allowance when she was no longer able to perform her duties.   Meanwhile back in her chambers Marion was experiencing another mind shattering orgasm as the dog lapped at her juices.  He had called for a maid to attend him, whence he had thrown her down upon the floor on her hands and knees, tearing skirts from her like a crazed lunatic he had knelt behind her unlacing his britches lined the head of his 7 inch cock up wither tight virgin pussy and pushed into her till he felt her membrane he had paused whispering to her to relax nuzzling her neck he thrust forward bursting through her hymen whilst grazing her neck with his teeth to take her mind from the sudden burst of pain that shot through her body resting inside her to allow her to adjust to his size and girth, he started to steadily move back and forth the base of his hard cock grazing against her clitoris slowly she started to rock back agains

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Leonardo da vinci
Waw did you make more of that
Ritsuka tachibana
Nice blood flow is so good after a hot tub session need to find one to film at this is inspiring
Thank you