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#405912 - I opened the door but she continued she didn't know what was happening but as she realised she was naked she ran away and hid, I found her straight away and she threw a bucket of water all over me. With her face and mouth full of cum I couldn't help but full on make out with her and lick all the semen on her. Tahlia came in and looked at my cock and said Do boys get hard when they love another girl? I thought I knew where this was going and said yes, she snuggled up to me sat on my lap with my cock between us and landed a huge kiss and poked her tongue in my mouth, I pulled back and she looked so upset her eyes started watering, she burst out crying so cutely and said Don't you love me? I said of course I do, and before I could say anything else she kissed me again, I kept my mouth closed so she couldn't put her tongue in again she told me to open my mouth and say ahhhhhh so I did and she put her hole tongue in my mouth, I couldn't help it any more I started

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