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#211754 - Heading over to the ventilation shit, the stalker precariously empties just a speckle of the powder into the palm of his gloved hand, holding his breath as he moves his shaking hand over to the air thing, dropping it inside without a second thought. He even planned out a schedule for her: 530-600: Wakeup and do all that morning time shit 615-645: SHOWER (self note: jerk off time!) 700-1500: Worktime (spend time fantasizing about her) 1515-1830: SHE’S BACK, nighttime shit (steal food off her table, she’ll never notice) 1845-1915: SHOWER (jerk off again) 1930-???: Watch TV, do work stuff (boring) Sleep is whenever: Stand by her window and jerk off while staring at her sleepy face. Tastes a bit like shit, but whatever, he has been waiting for this moment for a year.

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Hayato shinkai
Love how that dildo just barely fits
Mais videos usando essas roupas por favor
Yami bakura
I choose you pikachu
Hot af great job