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#92182 - Sam our black rapist has planned this out well, and do to the earlier phone call knows exactly where and when to put his plan into action! He has parked his well equipped van behind her house in some secluded trees along a small alley way that is only used for weekly refuge pick up. is not her husband?. She can feel the searing pain as the large head harshly stretches her cunt hole pelvic bones and enters her vaginal tunnel! It seems even harder and bigger as her soft vaginal flesh is painfully and horribly stretched and pinched against her pelvis! She screams out again and again as this brutal violation hurts and almost tears her much more than anything she can ever remember? The fact that she is helpless and in the perfect position will allow her to feel the full force size and depth of this monster black home wrecker along with the hard and brutal fucking that she has no idea ,.

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