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#406259 - Normally you try to be supportive and try to listen to their problems but I ain't normal, so I snuck up on her, turned her chair around, looked her in the face and said that's why you exploded on me, here eat your burger and suck that mess up, you too fine to be cryin. Then she giggled and said she still had some unfinished business, she hadn't made me cum yet and she got between my legs and told me to chill and enjoy. She slowly placed me in her mouth and started toyin with me, tryin to make me moan out loud but I stayed cool, focused, I wanted this to last, then she brought out the bag of tricks, bobbin her head, deep throatin me, usin her teeth, everythang you could think of.

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Enma kozato
This is going to sound dumb as hell but i love her teeth so sexy
Nanako todoroki
Filthy inkies
Don corneo
The picture was photoshopped