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#83202 - Yep it seemed that the true happiness Lychee wanted was to be butchered and cooked, after she got the scroll back she came right here naked and offered herself to Ukyo, she snuffed her by hanging her from that tree that use to be in the back Akane said opening the cut she made revealing Ukyo's organs, Wow why didn’t she ever tell me about that? Ranma asked, She probably did, your so thick headed you never hear what anyone tells you Akane replied as she started to cut and separate the organs. ARE YOU NUTS!? Akane shouted loud enough for the still stunned customers outside the locked door could hear, Akane this was always my plan when I was good enough to fulfill it Ukyo said looking as serious as she dose when fighting a battle, Ya but its still NUTS! Akane replied, Back me up hear Ranma she added looking toward Ranma who was siting at the grill eating a fresh Okonomiyaki Ukyo had made for him, Why it ain’t got nothing to do with me, if that’s what she wants then

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