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#115553 - Her mother, still holding it gently in her hand whispered softly, “Happy birthday, dear, I hope you like it!” As if drawn like a magnet to cheap metal little Steffi crossed the room with her eyes locked on the now semi hard erection! “C-can I touch it?” she breathed unevenly. As Tommy recorded her bid the young woman casually took hold of the huge penis and began gently caressing it in her small delicate hand! Almost at once it became alive in her hand as it quickly expanded until it was standing proud and tall like a thick three trunk sprouting from the young buck’s groin! “Good god!” Jennifer groaned, “I-it cant’ be real, how big is it!?!” “I’m not sure, Jenny,” Tom replied with a twinkle in his eye. “Is she nice and tight?!?” “Sweet jesus, yes,” he moaned, “she’s got the tightest little pussy I’ve ever fucked!” “Mmmmmm, that’s nice!” Marilyn replied.

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