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#262134 - After 50 slaps on my ass he stopped, I turned to try and look at him, but he pushed my head back down. “Oh I bet you like that don’t you slut, well I need more service and only one thing is gonna cut it” he pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved his finger into my asshole, causing me to cry out, he pulled out and aligned his dick with my puckered ass, “Nooo not there” I whimpered “anything but in there” but he just chuckled and shoved the head of his cock into my ass, making me scream. He started spanking me again, then he stopped and pushed my legs apart, I thought he was gonna stick his fingers in me again, but then I heard his zipper come down.

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Se la quiero meter yo tambien carajo
Zhen ji
Very cute couple and nice end 3