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#285160 - I made my way to the bathroom doing my usual business, I held my cock out at the toilet getting ready to pee till I saw the bathroom door swing open by my daughter it looks like she was here to do the same business as me. Anna starred at me with a mouth full f cum I could see light amounts trickle from between her lips I watched as she swished it around in her mouth swallowing little bits at a time before opening her mouth showing a fair amount of cum left in her mouth before taking one final gulp and opening wide poking her white stained tounge at me followed by placing a kiss on my cheek before going back out to her friends. After having another proper cold shower washing away the smell of piss and sex of eachother we went downstairs for breakfast naked like we usually do “so I guess we can cross golden shower and drinking daddys pee of the list” I said to my daughter she stopped me there saying it was just the golden shower we did she explained to me she only got a little taste

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