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#199186 - Toni woke me up a few hours later sitting on my cock she fucked me quietly after I came she went to Joe’s bed and woke him with her hot mouth on his cock as he woke she sat on his big headed cock and fucked him silly then we got dressed said our goodbyes and Joe told her that she has a shopping spree on him three outfits with all the accessories she thanked him and kissed him and we left he never mentioned the $1000. Toni sat on top of Jerry slid down on his cock he let out a moan and said she was so hot and tight then John presented his hard on to Toni which she quickly started licking and sucking and Joe climbed on the bed from behind and was rubbing his big helmet on Toni’s anal opening sliding ever so gently in slowly but firmly till the head was all the way in and stopped for her to get used to it . Jerry started coming first soon to be followed by Joe and John everyone was moaning and groaning now in their own ecstasy, they laid there in the afterglow of orgasm all breathing har

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Guy is sexy af