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#3767 - It was a Thursday evening and I was feeling horny, nothing unusual there, i decided it was time to seduce Toby, He Was Really Shy And I Though Having Sex with him might bring him out of his shell, I changed into a slutty miniskirt and a white tank top, I decided to forgo wearing panties, I Wouldn’t be needing them anyway, as i walked down the hall to Toby’s flat I saw Jordan and Jason’s door was open, they shared a flat, I peeked inside and saw them both double penetrating Annie, on the couch, i decided to make things more interesting for them, I silently shot 3 blue sparks out of my finger tips and they hit their targets simultaneously, all of a sudden Jordan Filled Annie’s Pussy With a huge Cum blast, cum shooting out the sides from the pressure and Jason Filled Annie’s Anus With the Same Amount of Force, Cum Spewed Out As the pressure inside Annie Build, her belly began to stick out as she was filled with cum, Annie orgasmed hard as her holes filled with spunk, she writhed about, im

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