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#306591 - Dog cum was running out around thier arms as I had more orgasms, each time I told them to catch some and bring it to me to eat, then I got them to lay down and hold both arms up, sittng back down onto thier fists gave me more control, once my ass got used to their arms, I got 3 guys to lift me, one at my feet, the other two under my arms, then lift and lower me onto the fists, working me deeper each time. I took Jack again, this time with me laying on my back and guys using my mouth as he fucked me, I watched as he slammed his tennis ball sized knot into my hole, it felt so good, and seeing him pump me full of his seed, and feel the heat from his cum was so good, I asked the guys who wanted to fist me as soon as his cock came out, two guys said yes. With all the cum for lube, once he found the right spot his cock shot straight in, I jumped as he began to fuck me hard, the heat building up inside my full ass, as Jack worked his magic on me, now it seemed all eyes were on me, a

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