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#13959 - We changed around, James laid down and Lyn stuck his cock in her pussy, I then half laid behind her, my cock going in her ass, then I made way for Lewis to stick his cock in her ass too, that was all it took, Lyn went wild, her orgasm telling us all, we were doing it right, Kerry just knelt beside her. As they both came down, Lyn said that was so hot, knowing what she had just done, and Kerry looked exhausted, laughed and said oh well parenthood isn't that bad is it, James realised what he had just done and had a real panic look on his face, we laughed and said a pill will fix it in the morning. Kerry now seemed to realise what had just happened, looked back at me and smiled, my cock now just about fully home, with a few more thrusts she had it all, her hands holding her butt cheeks open showed her acceptance of my cock.

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Mashiro shiina
Wow shes sexy
I am jealous they seem to love and enjoy each other so deep hope one day i can find my lover like this