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#309462 - Day 4 With a spring in my step, I get to work, I get called to see the boss, with apprehension I knock on the door, as I walk in the his office, he asks me to sit down, I move to the chair and sit, he starts telling me that im being moved to a different part of the company and that I start the next day, so my boss gave me the rest of the day off, so I cleared my desk and went home. As Dee moved in her chair her legs opened slightly, so I could see what she was wearing under her skirt, a pale blue thong, she catches me looking at her and she smiles and closes her legs. moving my finger round and round Dee's breathing gets heavier the faster i go, i start to run my tongue down to her nipple and her stomach, as i move lower i start to smell the scent of her wetness, i lay her down on the desk and open her legs wide, i start to kiss the inside of her thighs and across to her pussy, i move my finger away and replace it with my tongue, running it up and down her slit, tasing her swee

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Karin aoi
This is why i have trust issues
Yukari kotozume
Nice cock
Shes so fucking annoying i cant stop laughing