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#250415 - She decided that it was better for our daughter to be fucking me than some boy down the road, at least they could control it to a degree, I was left a little perplexed, everyone was fucking my brains out, the girls began to take turns, as well as walking around the house with nothing on, it seems so they could jump on my cock whenever they felt like it, I did not get a choice in the matter, although I must admit, I was defiantly enjoying the attention. The big shock came the next month when both my wife and mother-in-law advised they had missed their period as well, I thought I might be going to get a bit of a brake from sex at first, but no such luck, being pregnant only fuelled their sex drive, it must have been infectious as even my daughter started screwing me on a daily basis, we had a meeting and decided far from town or not, it was to small a community for seven pregnant women to go unnoticed here. So here I was with eight women fucking my brains out, my mother-in-laws m

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