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#1770 - Burke, the young woman behind the front desk offered, will you be dining with us this evening!?! No, we're just here for a steam and a shower, Emma replied maybe next time thought, come on Jennifer, let's go inside!!! After making their way back to the locker room the two women, stopped at a small office where at least five naked young women and five naked you men were sitting on benches, waiting to be selected by the members as their personal vallets during their stay at the club!!! What's you pleasure, Jenny, Emma Burke asked while surverying the crop of nineteen to twenty one year old nubiles!?! After a moments hesitation Jennifer replied softly, I think I'll take him, he looks like he's already ready to go!!! You always do go for the hung ones don't you, Emma laughed while eyeing the young man's huge erection!?! And why not, Jenny replied giggling, if it's there why not use it, right!?! I guess, Emma shot back while sel

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