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#329438 - They were the two younger children of five, the others being away from their parents' house and raising families of their own; Nysa was her brother's junior by barely a year and she was a good child, though spoiled, while they grew up. Nysa's brow twitched incessantly and she kept her eyes closed, afraid of what she might see. The first time she saw goats mating, and knew it for what it was, she wondered if this was how it would be done between her and her mythical husband, or if they would adopt the half-kneeling posture that was most common among humans (as she had heard - she had still not had any direct experience with sex, either as a voyeur or as a participant); she would, invariably, shake such thoughts from her head and wish away the tingling, half-frightened feeling they brought to her when her mind drifted in that direction ever after.

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